Anthony Anderson Makes “Crazy Black President” Joke About Kanye West

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Due to the Blackface controversy surrounding Jimmy Kimmel, celebrities are filling in for the hosting position of his show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”. Anthony Anderson took over the show with a virtual version of the talk show. Anderson took comedic jab at Kanye West’s recent announcement that he planned on running for President of the United States this year. While many believe the rapper was just drawing attention to himself, especially considering he reportedly hasn’t filed the proper paperwork needed, Anthony Anderson dropped a few jokes about why Yeezy being president isn’t that much of a bad idea.

“Wow. President Kanye. That’s right, Yeezy wants to be Preezy. And, you know, laugh all you want, but this would be historic because while this country has had a Black president, we’ve never had a crazy Black president.”

Anderson also dropped the requirements needed for Kanye West to complete before he would be able to be considered as a viable candidate for the presidency. Watch the video below to see what else he says.