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Anti-war rapper gets added to foreign agent list by Russia

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Russia designated country’s one of the most popular rappers, Oxxxyomiron, was added to the list of foreign agents on Friday.

The Kremlin has used the designation to clamp down on critics and journalists as reported by Reuters.

Oxxxymiron, whose real name is Miron Fyodorov, was added to the justice ministry’s “foreign agent” list alongside Dmitry Glukhovsky, a veteran science-fiction writer, and Alyona Popova, a prominent feminist and one-time face of Russia’s campaign for a domestic violence law.

In an interview with Vladtv, Oxxxymiron talked about battling Dizaster. The Russian rapper admits that he watched Dizaster’s battles for years and that he’s definitely a fan of him! He is known heavily in Russia.

Oxxxymiron, a dual Russian-British national, has called the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine “a catastrophe,” and publicly called for the creation of an anti-war movement. He cancelled a sold-out Russian tour shortly after Moscow’s troops rolled into Ukraine on Feb. 24, and organized benefit concerts in Western Europe and Turkey, with proceeds going to Ukrainian refugees. He has spoken about Vladimir Putin before on popular platforms like Vladtv.

Russian law allows organizations and individuals deemed to be involved in political activity that receive funding from abroad to be declared foreign agents. The term carries a strong pejorative sense and implies additional government scrutiny.

The rapper, whose lyrics are often political, has previously attended rallies in support of jailed Kremlin foe Alexei Navalny.


In late August, authorities said they were investigating his work under the country’s anti-extremism laws. Under Russian law, material designated “extremist” is effectively prohibited.

The term “foreign agent” subjects those listed to stringent financial reporting requirements. It also obliges them to preface anything they publish with a disclaimer stating they are foreign agents.

In January, Russia’s deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov praised his work in an interview as “astonishing in its depth”.