Apollonia Discusses Her Life w/ Prince, Filming Purple Rain, & More

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black music month

June is the month that celebrates the history of Black Music and reflections on one of the biggest contributors ever in Prince is through Apollonia in a recent interview.

Prince became a major pop icon that rivaled Michael Jackson in his prime. He was a talented artist that could play instruments, sing, and dance which is something rare in today’s musical landscape from a mainstream perspective.

Prince was known to also be a ladies man and fans in the 1980’s knew of Apollonia being apart of his life. In an new interview with Sunset Sound at Studio 3, Apollonia Kotero shares her memories with the greatest artist to ever live. Her 33 year relationship began in Minneapolis when she first met Prince and was cast in the mega hit “Purple Rain” one week later.

The Oscar Winning Soundtrack which was done at Sunset Sound during Prince’s golden years at the studio. Apples shares the truth about her life, her credits and how artistically she contributed and co-wrote with Prince on certain songs.  Seth Neblett who is the son of Maliaa Franklin, who was instrumental in the Parliament Funkadelic era joins the discussion and also a close friend and collaborator of Prince.

Check out the interview below.