Apryl Jones Regrets Not Hooking Up With The Game

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Apryl Jones has been in the spotlight of drama ever since she started to date her babyfather’s B2K group member Fizz. The two showed no remorse for Omarion while they were showing their romance for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood fans. She now stepped into another spotlight on VH1’s Brunch With Tiffany webseries (Tiffany aka New York from Flavor Of Love reality show) to discuss the viral video that circulated where she explicitly named off celebrities she says wanted to sleep with her. Those men included including Kevin Durant, The Game, A$AP Rocky, Shaquille O’Neal, Paul Pierce, Shiggy Show, and last but certainly not least, Fizz.

Apryl told viewers of the show that it was all a joke and was aimed at haters who were accusing her of sleeping around. “At this point, it’s like, you’re right, I f*cked every single one of them because that’s what you want to hear, so that’s what they captured,” she told Tiffany. “Not that I have [had sex with those men]. I would have no problem when, sh*t, I should have. I mean, I should have f*cked The Game when I had the opportunity.” She added that she never bedded any of the other men she mentioned.

The mother of Omarion’s children also went on to say, “It’s not been easy, that’s the truth,” she said. “I’m trying to figure it out on a daily. I’m prayed up that it’s gonna get better, but I don’t know.”

Watch Apryl’s Brunch With Tiffany episode below to hear more details of her sex life and more.