Aretha Franklin’s Grandchildren Speak About Genius Series

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aretha grandchildren

The biopic series by National Geographic about the iconic Aretha Franklin aired in the month of March, but some family members were not pleased the producers never made any attempts at contacting the family about the making of the production.

None of the actors had contacted the family members either to get any insight on the people they were portraying which also didn’t sit well with the Franklins. The creators of the Genius and National Geographic put out a statement over the concerns by the family over the project.

Through the Los Angeles Times, the public statement included the following. “The studio worked diligently to attain the endorsement of Aretha’s estate, which we are grateful to have…..”We worked with many people who knew Ms. Franklin — from Clive Davis to members of her family’s estate.”


The grandchildren stated that the “Respect” biopic which has the Oscar award winning, Jennifer Hudson, in the starring role of Aretha Franklin have spoken with them and was willing to address the concerns the family may have.

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