Ashanti Finds Out JLo Almost Replaced Her TWICE!!

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During a conversation with R&B artist Ashanti, rapper  Fat Joe (real name Joseph Cartagena), brought up the idea of Ashanti  battling her past collaborator Keyshia Cole. Ashanti  responded:

“If they want to see it, I ain’t mad.”

Fat Joe responded with excitement explaining why he would never do it:

“I love it, like me personally I wouldn’t do it cause I’m a bad loser and an even worst winner.”

Keyshia Cole  has yet to respond.

During the conversation,  Fat Joe revealed also let it be known that Irv Gotti and Ja Rule wanted her off the single “What’s Love” and have Jennifer Lopez on the collaboration to reach the Latino market.

This would not be the first time this happened with Irv Gotti wanting Jennifer Lopez on a project over his own artist.

In an interview with BlogXilla of GlobalGrind, Ashanti revealed that it was indeed her who sang most of J. Lo’s hit “I’m Real,” including the hook, backgrounds and adlibs. Apparently she demo’d the track for Jenny before she was signed to Murder Inc, and they never removed her vocals, only having Lopez sing two verses.

“It was bitter sweet, because I was really excited because it was J. Lo, you know what I mean? But I was so mad at Irv, cause I was like ‘You know I wanted that record!'”

Check out the twitter reactions to the whole scenario below!