Ashanti Speaks On Verzuz, Seeing Nelly Again & More

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Ashanti describes how she felt after seeing Nelly for the first time in six years, who she thinks won the Ja Rule vs. Fat Joe Verzuz, re-recording her albums and the importance of owning her music, going on tour, praying with DMX + her sister recounts a brutal domestic violence attack where her jaw was broken.

“You know what the crazy part is, he didn’t say anything,” explained the singer. “He didn’t say anything. First of all, I didn’t know he was gonna be there. I told [Fat] Joe, like, ‘Joe, why didn’t you tell me he was gonna be here?’ He was like, ‘Sis, I know, it’s terrible! I couldn’t risk you not coming if you knew he was gonna be there.”

Ashanti says that she still would have gone had she known that her ex would be there.

“It was very unexpected,” she continued. “I hadn’t seen him in, like, six years. Spoken or seen. It was a little awkward!”

She went on to reveal that she’s currently in a relationship and “some of us” might know her boyfriend. Who do you think she’s dating? Watch her speak about Nelly and her current “situation” at the 4-minute mark.

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