Asian Doll’s College Concert Fans Injured By Shooting

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Asian Doll’s live show got into issues when an unfortunate incident took place at Livingstone College on Saturday night.

Asian Doll’s concert attendees encountered a senseless act of gun violence on Saturday (October 15) night. A report from WSOC-TV reveals that the Dallas native – born Misharron Allen aka Asian Doll – was commissioned to perform a homecoming concert at North Carolina’s Livingstone College this past weekend when a fight between two patrons broke out in the audience.

It’s been noted that neither of those involved with the violent feud are affiliated with the school, and one of them is confirmed to have fired at least one shot.


Local authorities received a call from campus around 11 PM, and upon arrival, they discovered that two students had been shot, while numerous others were wounded while fleeing the sudden gunfire.

One of the victims, a male, was flown to a hospital in Charlotte, located approximately 35 miles southwest of Salisbury, where he is said to have been stabilized. Another victim – this one female – was grazed by a bullet and received treatment at a local hospital before she was released

At this time, the investigation remains in its early stages and no official arrests have been made. Asian Doll herself has also not shared a statement regarding the shooting that took place at her concert.

Livingstone College President Dr. Anthony J. Davis has spoken out, though, saying, “I’m saddened that after a week of homecoming activities without incident, our students, alumni, their families and friends had to witness this senseless act of gun violence.”