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Asian Doll’s Fit & Fresh Walk-Out & TikTok Airpod Body Challenge

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Brooklyn’s World episode 3 looks at the drama surrounding female rapper Asian Doll walking out of the “Fit & Fresh” podcast.

In the clip, Fit interrupted and said, “Guys, sidebar conversation, please. You know this is the fifth time I told you that, right? Like, stop, for real, like stop.” Doll responded,

“He mean as f+ck.” The other host Fresh, defended Fit, and said sidebar convos aren’t allowed.

Fit was agitated, and Asian kept telling him he was mean. Asian said, “Damn…You a mean-ass n+gga.” Then things got fired up. Fit stopped the podcast and got into an argument with Doll. They went back and forth, and Fit told her, “OK, then you can get the f+ck off the show, too, get the fuck off the show, too. You can go. You’re not gon’ come on the platform disrespecting me.”


Joe Budden wrote a lengthy post via Instagram, calling the hosts of the podcasts “ignorant.” He said, “I don’t know the two doofs, but they don’t get to do this. Too ignorant, inexperienced, insecure, fragile, and weak for this stale gimmick not to be seen through.” Joe continued,

“Black women are everything, especially beautiful.” Although Joe didn’t say Asian’s name, the timing of Joe’s post alludes that he’s somewhat sticking up for her.


According to Mel Magazine, the term “airpod body originated from a TikTok video posted in January 2021 that showed a woman named Ellianna Fry running down a hallway.

‘When he’s an a** guy but your body is shaped like an AirPod,’ she wrote in it.

The clip went viral and many other women started to realize that they too had bodies that resembled an AirPod, and began posting videos about it.

Although many women thought the comparison was a negative thing – mainly because it draws attention to their small backsides – others were proud of their AirPod-like shape.

‘No man [is] using me for my body because I’m shaped like an AirPod,’ one TikTok user, with the username @circusclown123, wrote, alongside a video of herself showing off her figure in a tight tank top.