It has been reported the tally of death at the Astroworld festival reached 10 deaths and hundreds more were injured. Travis Scott has been hit with hundreds of lawsuits along with the organizers of the festival and Live Nation.Reports of incompetence on multiple ends have surfaced. The hip hop artist and Live Nation have been accused of presenting an event that was an unsafe concert experience and festival environment.

Monday (November 15), the CEO of ParaDocs, the medic company hired by Astroworld, spoke to reporters and tried to “set the record straight” about the 70 people he said were trying to save lives across Houston’s NRG Park according to CNN.

Explaining that his team was faced with the “impossible feat” of treating 11 simultaneous cases of cardiac arrest, Alex Pollak said that medics kept rushing back into the crowd to try to save concertgoers, and that the real challenge was getting people in need of medical attention out of harm’s way. Pollak said that his team, which includes former Army combat medics, was properly prepared to save lives, but surging crowds prevented them from transporting patients to safety.

“We never came close to running out of equipment and supplies. We could have treated at least double the amount of patients,” Pollak told reporters. “We never expected in our lives to encounter a situation like that. It was absolutely horrific.”