Atlanta Church States No vaccine? No Worship Service!

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churchA church in Atlanta is stating that they are going to “follow the science, not our emotions” concerning enforcing vaccination mandate for church service.

The pandemic that has turned everything worldwide upside down, is even affecting traditional worship. Due to quarantine and 6ix feet apart mandates since the original lockdown went into effect in March 2020, there has been an interruption of how people gather to worship.

There has been mixed emotions by some people that follow the faith over COVID-19. A segment believe that God has given the answer to the coronavirus issue with the emergence of the fastest released vaccine in history despite it not being approved yet by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA).

Some pastors have defied the mandates during lockdowns by having church service when some states suggested not to in an attempt to curve rising cases. There have been news reports of some pastors even being arrested in places such as Canada for holding service. Many believe that worship is needed in times like today because it will help worth group prayers and also bring positive energy to those who are being drained by constant negative news about deaths and infections. While, other church goers believe it is best to leave it up to God to help fix the situation or protect them from whatever is being reported on television.

In Seattle, the issue has been pending all year with some black churches especially. The issue stems from a checkered history with blacks and the medical profession at times experimenting on them with projects such as “Tuskegee Experiment“. James Broughton, the senior pastor of a predominantly African American congregation said, “This is such a complicated situation—with so many moving parts. We really need godly wisdom, which includes scientific knowledge, to know what to do” explaining to Christianity Today.

One black church in Atlanta has taken a stance that its members need to be vaccinated, but it is controversial since to some people it comes off as a lack of faith when one is leaning towards science over God. Check out the 11Alive news report below.