Atlanta Residents Demand Separate Police Force Over Rise In Crime

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‘The Five’ from Fox News react to ‘brazen’ crime in broad daylight.

As violent crime spikes across American cities there is some demand from cities such as Atlanta wanting a separate police force to deal with the communities. Mass shootings in the United States is on the rise with 272 so far in 2021.

There are some observers who believe the number has increased due to the restrictions and trauma from the quarantine and lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fox News “The Five” discuss the “brazen” crime that is being executed in broad daylight across the USA such as robberies at stores and shootings occurring in front of law enforcement with no kickback.

Shootings in Austin, Cleveland, Chicago, and Savannah took place in a six-hour window from late Friday night to early Saturday morning. Police forces in these respective cities are investigating the nature of the shootings that occurred.