Audio | R.Kelly’s Girlfriend Parents “Enjoy your WIFE!”

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Tasha K drops a fully loaded  episode that covers  hot topics in entertainment right now. The drama of B2K members and Apryl Jones is  discussed as Omarion finally speaks about the relationship between Fiz and his baby mother Apryl Jones. Halle Berry and her court documents revealed that she alleges  that her baby father  had relations with his sister.  Cardi B’s ex boyfriend’s latest legal troubles are addressed concerning murder.

The biggest news out of the show had to do with Joycelyn Savage. Tasha K has allegedly received audio concerning the parents of R. Kelly’s girlfriend. She goes into details how the family was up to no good in terms of exploiting their daughter. Audio tapes reveal discussions that her father Tim Savage has made. The segment starts at the 30:00 mark below.

Tasha K has also received allegedly emails confirming that Joycelyn Savage and R. Kelly have interacted in recent weeks. Check out the link here.

Tasha K also exposes the possibility of Joycelyn Savage’s family creating a fake Instagram account that may be used in a reality show. She claims the family has not been in contact with their daughter since 2016. Tasha K provides the real Instagram account below.

R. Kelly’s other girlfriend, Azriel Clary, official Instagram was also revealed on this episode.