Author Victoria West Released “Sunset in Toronto” Poems

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Victoria West is a Canadian author and poet of Romanian descent. Her latest release “Sunset in Toronto” is available on Amazon now. “Sunset in Toronto” will stir your emotions and connect you to the experiences that connect us all. West’s collection of sincere and honest poems explores different themes of life. “Sunset in Toronto” is divided into three parts – Feelings, Experiences, Places. The poems describe the author’s own life experiences from childhood to present day – descriptions of love, family, loss, grief, disillusionment, immigration and how all this shapes our place in the world. Some of the poems are poignantly brought to life by photographs from the authors personal archives. As life tells us, our experiences are a part of who we are and the choices we make, for better or for worse. The poems from “Sunset in Toronto” portray an honest and sensitive look at those experiences.  


Victoria West started her writing career in Toronto’s fashion industry in 2010 when she founded FashionStyleBeautyandMore.blogspot.com, which later became VictoriaWest.net. West has been a fashion contributor for various online and print publications in Canada, the US, and Romania. The respected writer brought her years of fashion experience to her first book “Bits of Fashion”, an insider look into the fashion industry that includes interviews with fashion designers and key industry professionals. After “Bits of Fashion”, West decided to take a more personal approach with her second book. “Sunset in Toronto” is dedicated to the authors mother who lost her life to heart disease in 2016. The book will be available at Whitby Public Library starting with March 2022. 


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