DJ Khaled – Holy Mountain ft. Buju Banton, Sizzla, Mavado, 070 Shake

Buju Banton's return to Jamaica and the music scene made worldwide news. His highly anticipated first concert did huge numbers in his homeland as expected. Now another big moment in his comeback is performing in his first music video which features Sizzla, Mavado, and O70 Shake. You can check out...

halle berry emerald marie

#FemaleFriday – Halle Berry Stops For Urban Media Outlets

Emerald Marie & Halle Berry Roland Martin discusses a recent altercation on a red carpet affair that saw legendary Halle Berry make time for ignored African American media outlets. He goes into depth about an issue plaguing the entertainment industry which is public relations managers having their clients avoid certain...

lord jamar brand nubian

50 Cent Calls Out Lord Jamar As Clout Chaser

Lord Jamar 50 Cent has always been a rapper that would battle anyone and in recent years has been one of the biggest trolls online. It is also no secret that 50 Cent has stated that one person he would never beef with is Eminem due to Slim Shady changing...

howard stern radio

Howard Stern To Get Muted? N-Word Controversy Surfaces

Howard Stern was apart of the wild and crazy 90's when television did not have too many filters or politically correct grievances for shows that targeted viewers looking for raw and unadulterated content. Along with tv shows like Jerry Springer, Howard Stern pushed the buttons with his controversial talk show....

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