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Azealia Banks Calls Out The Shade Room Owner

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Azealia Banks shows no love for The Shade Room’s creator, Angelica Nwandu, as she blasts her publicly for how she handles her platform.

Azealia Banks is known for just spitting out her truths on social media. Sometimes she goes too far in some people’s view and at other times some agree with her take on topics. Now the subject at hand for the artist is the popular Shade Room.

Banks was rather blunt and straight forward in her description of Nwandu after leaving a comment on one of The Shade Room’s Instagram posts. She believes Nwandu has not put enough effort in bringing awareness for Nigeria.

“The shaderoom is run by a Nigerian woman who is more obsessed with denigrating black Americans than doing anything with her platform to bring light to the issues like SARS and Boko Haram that plague her home country. Sure blacks have issues here, but the situation in Nigeria is DIRE,” Banks wrote. “She doesn’t have the courage to fight for her own. She uses black American media to distract herself from how politically incapable sue truly is.”

“She is a useless pig. Why does anyone give a f*ck what her fat a** to say about us? Lmao. African Americans are far fairing far better and she wants to be one of us so bad it’s comical,” she continued.

“I couldn’t be of Nigerian descent and ignore the fact that China is funding boko haram and other groups to terrorize Nigeria and its citizens while I sit back in my gluttony, gorging on poisonous american food supply while my people die on sacred land. She is a useless pig.” Nwandu has yet to respond to Banks’ remarks.