Azealia Banks Tells Nicki Minaj To Go On Love & Hip Hop

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Azealia Banks Inserts Herself Into Nicki Minaj & Latto Beef: “This Woman Needs Serious Help”


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The beef with Latto and Nicki Minaj has a new element as Azealia Banks rears her head to fit into the drama.

The Grammy nominations and placements have caused a rift between Minaj and Latto publicly. The root of the issue surrounds Nicki’s “Super Freaky Girl” track that was placed in the Pop category rather than Rap.

Latto took to Twitter to respond the statement with, “Damn I can’t win for losing… all these awards/noms I can’t even celebrate,” only leading to more tense words exchanges between the two, followed by audio receipts from a heated phone call that took place amongst them.

Azealia Banks is no ally of Nicki Minaj and once again inserted herself into the drama because of her long history of discontent with the New York rapper.  “The Barbz need to petition to get Nicki Minaj some rehab and mental health services through the Grammys music cars program,” the “212” singer suggested on her Instagram Story earlier this week.

“It’s becoming painstakingly clear that this woman needs serious help, because this level of anger is not normal at all,” she continued. “It’s getting scary watching her spiral like this with a child in tow.”

“Like imagine how lonely and confused her kid feels hearing her scream and rage 24/7. There’s no way he’s getting the attention/love he needs from her when she is this consumed with anger. I feel really really bad for the kid. Clearly, other women are more important to her than he is,” Banks asserted before once again putting the idea of rehab on the table.

The female rapper continued her verbiage towards Nicki Minaj, writing, “The girls are stunting on you with the lavish birthday parties, magazine covers with their kids. All you have for papa bear is a bag of frozen wingettes and a can of Crisco. Get it together sis you look extremely low-class. Boring ass crybaby… shut up. Go on Love & Hip Hop with all this weak shit. For f*cks sake.”

Banks then went on to compare the 39-year-old mother of one to Whitney Houston. “Whitney Houston was suffering,” she wrote, “and we didn’t step in to help her.”

“We let her suffer, like Chaka Khan is suffering and we’re not stepping in to like fix it or try. This woman Nicki Minaj is suffering and it’s like c’mon what are we gonna do? Just like laugh at her?” Check out the video below for a timeline of events with Latto and Nicki Minaj.