B Real Goes Off On Verzuz Paywall Affecting Viewership

B Real Goes Off On VERZUZ For Not Letting Fans To Watch Livestream Of Onyx vs Cypress Hill Verzuz Battle ‘No One Knew We Had Verzuz Battle With Onyx'


Cypress Hill and Onyz were anticipating they were going to give audiences a real hip hop show, but Triller had other plans. The last Verzuz got flack when it was announced there was going to be a paywall behind the event. Swizz Beatz came out to quell the backlash at the time by stating fans did not have to pay to see it.

Well, this time around, there was plenty of fans who did not even know there was a Verzuz showdown. B Real of Cypress Hill had previously spoke with Allhiphop about how he was prepared to put together their catalog songs for a battle.

“Our thoughts are in the game for sure, because we ain’t never in it to take #2 spot. [laughs] We’re crafting it. You got to, you got to give those dudes their respect. They got a strong getdown. You can’t underestimate anybody, especially from the 90’s golden era of hip hop who had hit songs that toured the world. They have music to stretches, you can’t ever underestimate that. What we are going to do is put on a good show for the m############ watching and the people watching the stream, because that’s what we do,” said B Real to Allhiphop .


The social media landscape voiced their displeasure of the lack of advertising of the event and the pay feature added to the program. As most people know, the origin of Verzuz was on IG live during the first quarantine due to the lockdown in the first wave of covid-19.

B Real jumped on Twitter to speak to his followers about his disdain for what happened.

“@verzuzonlineI have to say although it was great to rock w/ our brothers @ONYX_HQ  in the Verzuz battle, I feel like shorted us all by not running it on Ig live like all other battles. They made it a ppv event & made the battle a side show for the boxing matches instead. IMO.”

B Real also made a video about the problematic Verzuz that he believes robbed his fans of seeing them perform in the video below.

Check out the fan reactions below.