B2K’s J Boog Confirms Lil Fizz “Ruined” Millennium Tour

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Omarion  made waves online when he announced the 2020 tour line up that excluded his B2K group members. The decision left  Raz B and J Boog in the cold, but they both congratulated Omarion on having the tour. Boog took to social media to blame “fizzle pop” for ruining the group from making money due to the drama with Apryl Jones.

“Dang that’s crazy, ya’ll aint going to see “tu tu tu tu tu tu tu’ no more.”

“Moving on man, this is a great year, we got some things going on,” then he transitioned to, “Fizzle Pop ruined everything, I wouldn’t say he ruined everything,  but about 99% of it though,” he explained as someone off-camera began laughing.

Pretty Ricky’s Spectacular invited Boog to join their group on the tour so Millennium Tour may actually see the other B2K member again.