Backlash In Britain After Harry And Meghan Interview

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s bombshell interview with Oprah is being called the biggest crisis for the Royal Monarchy in decades. Palace ‘fears Harry and Meghan will out the royal accused of Archie skin colour comment if it denies couple’s racism claims.

Charles was personally referenced by Prince Harry, who said he had cut off contact with him, while his wife, Camilla, has previously been accused by Meghan of leaking stories about her to the press. The Duke of Sussex said he was ‘really let down’ by his father, who he accused of refusing to answer his calls during his time in Canada. Harry said he would always love Charles but said, ‘there’s a lot of hurt that’s happened.’

Check out the CBS New York recap below.

The Queen has also made a public statement concerning the racism allegations and the time of stay by Meghan Markle at the Buckingham Palace.