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Baddies South With Brooklyn Tea Talk Reaction

Brooklyn's Tea Talk - WorldWide Entertainment TV Network Exclusive

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Brooklyn Tea Talk gives reaction to Baddies South Atlanta season 2 episode 1 on Zeus Network. Check out her recap of the first episode and all its drama below.


The new season stars Natalie Nunn, who also serves as the shows executive producer. The Baddies South series follows the successful Baddies: ATL series, which launched last year. Here’s your chance to meet the cast of the Baddies South series. Technically, this also serves as Baddies season 2.

The biggest moment out of the episode was a fight that broke out between by hip hop artist’s Bluface girlfriend and fellow rapper Chrisean and Persuasion. Persuasian is a vlogger, dancer, model, influencer, U.S. Navy veteran and TV Personality. While in bootcamp, Persuasian worked double duty entertaining the troops by night at the local strip club per Fandom. Persuasian is originally from Dallas, TX and an original Bad Girl on Bad Girls Club Season 16.

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Bri is a reality tv star, model and host. She is your “your favorite bitches favorite bitch.” Bri, aka The High-Rolling Hustle, is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada and was a replacement Bad Girl on Bad Girls Club Season 17. She also fought in Bad Girls Boxing. Jela is a reality tv personality, model and fashion designer. She’s an original Bad Girl who was on season 14 of The Bad Girls Club. Jela created fashion clothing line, Normal Culture, in 2016.

Normal Culture’s goal is to help create new norms through visual and artistic self-expression. Jela, aka The Houston Hustler, is also a clairvoyant, healer and psychic who grew up in Houston, TX. Sim is a dancer, model, entertainer and TV personality. She was on Season 2 of One More Chance on Zeus TV.

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One More Chance is a dating show competition for Chance from the first season of I Love New York. Anne is a self-proclaimed “Professional Clout Chaser,” model, influencer and music artist. She has a new song coming out called Ms. Backshot baby. Gia is a host, influencer, host and TV personality. She was on Seasons 1 and 2 of Zeus’ One Mo Chance dating show. You can check out her Instagram and her interview with Diamond Onasis, where she talks about her controversies on One Mo Chance. Scotty aka “Scotty the Body” is a fitness trainer, model, brand ambassador, host, influencer and TV Personality.

She founded her own company, Snatched LLC, where she helps people with workout challenges and more. Chrisean first gained notoriety on Blueface’s Blue Girls Club project. She was known as the “First Lady of Blueface LLC” but then their collaboration ended a year later. However. they still are very much part of each other’s brands.

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Chrisean has played football influencer league with Blueface and makes appearances on his social media. She also went viral for coming to blow’s with Blueface’s Sister and Mother. Chrisean is from Maryland, Baltimore. She is one of 12 siblings with estranged parents. Her father was in prison for much of her childhood, and her mother struggled to keep a home while battling a drug addiction.” When she was nine years old, Chrisean became homeless but she made it to college and pursued athletics at Santa Monica College in California. Information courtesy of The Focus News.