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Benita Speaks About Her New Music & More with WorldWide

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Born and raised in Toronto, up and  coming singer/songwriter Benita stems  from humble beginnings. Her passion  for music started at the young age of  six when she discovered her innate  singing talent. Since then, she has  grown to be an impeccable vocalist as  she combines textures of R&B, Pop and  Alternative in her sound. Benita has  already proven herself a force in the  industry.

Initially exploring theatre,  Benita fell into many musical  opportunities. She began performing  at intimate neighborhood concerts in  her neighborhood, Jane and Finch. In  2017, Benita started singing backup  vocals for local Toronto artists  including accompanying Daniel Caesar  on his Freudian Tour. Since then, she  found her way into releasing her own  music in 2018 which has caught the  attention of many listeners in the  r&b/soul/pop land.

In 2020, Benita released

“Afterparty” and “My Bad”, which  cumulatively gained 63K streams on  Spotify and counting. Her latest  single, “Pretty”, released on June  9th, empowers women to be confident  in their own skin.

Gaining recognition from Ones  To Watch and Sleeping On Gems, Benita  notes that the song “is an anthem for  all the women out there (or men) who  like to feel pretty.” It’s a direct  statement to all the haters who love to judge us on how we portray  ourselves and act, how much clothes  are on our body, and what we wear.

Benita is set to release her highly  anticipated single “Toxic”, on October  14th, and will be available on all  streaming platforms.

Benita notes “Toxic is about a  love/hate relationship that most may  classify as unhealthy, but there’s  unconditional love underneath it all.  It’s relatable to any person out there,  no relationship is perfect. This song is  about going through thick and thin and  knowing that there are going to be ups  and downs. It’s about a relationship that  doesn’t make sense to anyone else but  makes sense to the both of you. Even if  you hated them in the day, you’ll always  end up loving them by night because of  how inseparable you are.”

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