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Benzino Addresses Royce Da 5’9″ Disrespectful Comment Over Coi LeRay

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Benzino and Royce Da 5’9 have come to beef which led to the disrespecting of his daughter. Royce Da 5’9″ threatened to take Coi LeRay “to the park and let her ride the swings.”

This all started over the reignited beef between Eminem and Benzino. Royce Da 5’9″ came to the defense of his friend and that led Benzino challenging Royce to a Verzuz, claiming that his catalog stands out to Royce.

Some slurs were thrown at each other over the weekend, but it was the attack on Benzino’s daughter that raised eyebrows the most. . “I’m gon take your daughter to the park and let her ride the swings if you don’t quit spending your whole day being a twitter goon. She pussy popping on a handstand on IG. Now go hug her and tell her she’s beautiful before Drake or Trey Songz does,” he tweeted in response.

Benzino obviously got heated over the comment and reacted with now deleted tweets where he stated that he would put his “dick in your mothers mouth nickel.” That being said, he is now claiming that he wasn’t going to stoop that low in retaliation against Royce, even as he posted a photo of the Grammy-nominated rapper and his mother.

“So someone sent me this pic of @royceda59 and his mother for me to disrespect her for what he said about my beautiful 23 year old daughter Coi, but I’m not and I won’t. Nah his mother is a beautiful queen who had nothing to do with our situation,” he began. “I don’t know why Royce thought it was ok to say he would take my daughter to a park and insinuate he would have sex with her. You sounded like a pedophile,” he continued.

Benzino would go on to say, “If Royce feels like he has to speak for another grown man that’s up to him.” Benzino did reassure that he would be addressing the comments over his daughter stating, “you will regret what you said I promise you,” and believes Royce is trying to “appease Em’s white fan base”. Benzino also said, “He losing sight that they love for black men to try and kill one another while Em just sits back and watches his so called friend do his dirty work,” as he continued with “it wasn’t long ago when Royce was dissing Em and trying to be Malcom x and pro black.”

Benzino proclaimed Royce to be “perverted and predatory” with his comments about Coi LeRay, Benzino assured Royce that he “made big mistake and soon you will understand that.”

Check out Benzino’s post below.