Beyonce’s BeyHive Not Happy With Jay Z After NBA Finals Game

jay z beyonce curran
Jay Z Beyonce

In Game 2 of the NBA Finals, the former President Of The United States, Barack Obama, made a surprise appearance. In Game 3, the friends of Obama, Jay Z and Beyonce, were also in attendance. The billionaire couple sat next to Lacob and Curran. The cameras picked up Jay Z and Curran’s interaction.

However, Bey’s fans claimed that the singer looked annoyed that Curran was slightly leaning over the singer as she spoke. As they are known to do, the Beyhive began bashing Curran online. They discovered Curran’s social media pages and left thousands of comments on her posts. The message was loud and clear by telling her to step back from Beyoncé’s husband. To make sure that Currran knew they were not playing around, they flooded her comment section with the dreadful killer bee emoji.

Did the Beyhive go too far? The video below shows Curran, has a billionaire husband of her own, seemingly just having an innocent interaction with Jay Z