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Big Daddy Kane Talks Impacting The New Generation Of Hip Hop

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas

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Big Daddy Kane is considered to be one the men who was the total package for hip hop when he came onto the scene in the 1980’s.

The rap icon was always compared to Rakim due to their rap styles being such a change to the flow of hip hop artists at the time. In an interview with Breakfast Club, Kane speaks on the time period and how badly people wanted to see him battle Rakim.

“One night, Bobby Brown did a show at the Garden,” he recalls. “He had all of us on stage, letting everybody spit while the band playing. Kool Moe D trying to push it, cause me and Rakim on stage rhyming. It wasn’t a battle, we were just rhyming. But he wanted us to rhyme back to back. Just to show you how deep people wanted it to happen, when Rakim rhymed, Moe D gave me a microphone and was trying to edge me next to him so I can go after him. Just-Ice snatched the mic from Heavy D and said ‘I go after the God!'”

“As soon as Rakim finished, Just-Ice jumped in front of him and started rhyming,” he continues. “The whole crowd started booing. They never gave him a chance. They was just mad I didn’t go after Rakim. They just started booing. That’s how bad they wanted it.”

Big Daddy Kane also spoke about the financial gap that rappers in his day saw with what artists make today.

“I’m not getting these bags like Lil Uzi Vert and these young cats,” he reflects. “But from a cultural standpoint, yeah. I got a whole lot. I had the opportunity to dominate my era. From a cultural aspect, I got a whole lot of it. From the financial topic, nah.”

Some of the topics they discussed include:

Influence on the new school
New York hip hop dominance
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