Big Dre Not Orlando Anderson Killed Tupac Says Gene Deal

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas

The murder of Tupac Shakur has been discussed to great lengths over the decades and many allege Orlando Anderson was his killer. However, the former head of security for Bad Boy Records states that Anderson has been wrongly accused.

There have been many theories over the years surrounding the night, but there has never been an official end to what really occurred in Las Vegas. The head of security for Death Row records is no longer with us, but Diddy’s former head of security is here to tell his version of events.

Gene Deal was interviewed by “The Art Of Dialogue” platform and revealed his thoughts on who he believes murdered the rap legend. Gene Deal explained why Orlando Anderson is not the person in the while Cadillac that pulled the trigger on Tupac.


Referencing a past interview by Keefe D, Deal reiterates there were two cars that were tailing Shakur that fateful night in Las Vegas. Describing Tupac’s paranoia at the time, Deal says the fallen rap icon went nowhere without a gun and this night was no different. Apparently, there was a drop box in the car that had two guns that Tupac knew about through Suge Knight.

It was so well hidden, that when the car was returned by the police, the law enforcement did not even know it was in the car. Gene Deal eventually stated, “I truly believe that Dre was the one that was the shooter”.  The interviewer then asked Deal why he felt this way since it is widely suggested that Orlando Anderson was the trigger man even by his own uncle Keefe D.

He simply stated, “I don’t believe that happened,” in terms of the story Keefe D said about Dre refusing to take the gun from him to shoot Tupac. Check out what he says below.