Big Meech Release Possibly Soon & BMF WWETV Interview Flashbacks

BMF's Big Meech Could Be Coming Home Soon: Report

big meechThe story of BMF and Big Meech has been sporadically mentioned in rap songs and it is well known that 50 Cent is working on the film production of the life behind the aura.

According to The Detroit News, Big Meech is pushing for his release from prison after Terry “Southside T” Fletcher was granted an early release in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Southside T was released from a federal prison in Kentucky on Tuesday to home confinement, citing the coronavirus pandemic as reasoning for an early release. Big Meech has also filed for an early release on the same grounds since, according federal prison data, coronavirus has killed 40 inmates and at least 2300 prisoners.

“During his time in prison, Flenory continues to promote himself, and, through others his legacy as a highly successful professional drug dealer,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Dawn Ison wrote in a Friday court filing. “Nothing in that promotion remotely suggests that Flenory has changed.”

WorldWide Entertainment TV has interviewed members of the Black Mafia Family (BMF) in the past. Check out Ms. Goldi interviewing Calico Jones and Diamond P.