Megan Thee Stallion had a song with Big Sean and 2 Chainz called “Go Crazy” that was pulled from her Good News album.  but according to Duawn “Go Hard Major” Payne and Harrell “H Matic” James, the track copied their earlier work. Radar Online reported that Payne and James have sued Megan, Sean, 1501 Certified Entertainment, as well as Universal Music. The pair of Detroit artists accuse the group of taking from their 2012 track “Krazy” which they reportedly uploaded to ReverbNation.

Payne and James also stated that they would perform in thcope Detroit area and pass out CDs of their music, so it is suggested that they weren’t completely unknown. “The Copyrighted Work is an original work of authorship and is particularly unique as a result of its catchy chorus—or hook—the centerpiece of the Copyrighted Work,” the lawsuit reportedly reads.


Because Big Sean is from Detroit and was active in the music scene, Payne and James believe he would have had to come across their work.

“The sale of thousands of physical copies of CD’s featuring the Copyrighted Work on the streets of West Detroit and the parking lots of hip hop clubs in West Detroit frequented by [Big Sean] provide further access of the Copyrighted Work to Defendants,” they allege. “Upon release, the Infringing Work sold reportedly 100,500 units for the first week of its release. Since the debut, the Infringing Work has reportedly gone platinum, meaning more than one million copies have been sold.”

The pair also apparently sent both Sean and Megan cease and desist letters, but they went unanswered. It is unclear what damages the two men are seeking from the hitmakers. Check out the single in the video below.