Biggie Cried After Tupac Got Shot in Vegas Says Lil’ Cease

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas


Lil Cease sat down with Vladtv for an interview about the history with Junior Mafia and what it was like during the east coast and west coast rap rivalry days in the 90’s.

He mentions what the reaction was of the other members of Junior M.A.F.I.A. when they first found out about Tupac Shakur getting shot in Las Vegas.  He talks about the shock value and how emotional Biggie Smalls was due to the rapper’s death. Although, 2Pac and Biggie never had the chance to reconcile, the rap veteran details a conversation that he once had with the Outlawz in which they claimed that the “Hit ‘Em Up” emcee had every intention of squashing the beef with his old friend. He reiterated what Tupac said in an interview about coming together for the community.

“Me and Biggie could go do pay-per-view shows for community centers. We could rap against each other on stage..And I’ll tour every community center WITH BIGGIE, kiss him on his cheek and rap whatever they want me to rap. F@@ a @@ ego. I could put all that shit aside and we could make records and give money to the hood.. Build some community centers. And if we own the businesses for our populations, we’ll have more money, then we’ll have power. Let’s make some money for the hood. The hood is what need us now,” stated Tupac.

“When you have history you can recover from a diss,” said Lil’ Cease. It was also revealed that Notorious B.I.G. had tears when he heard Tupac had passed. Lil’ Cease also stated how the team did not wish any ill will towards their former friend and there was still a bond despite their falling out. The Junior Mafia rapper also said it bothered Biggie that they never got the chance to reconcile. Check out the interview segment below.