Biggie Estate May Re-Open Case Against LAPD

According to AllHipHop News, the lawyer who led a massive $500 million lawsuit against the LAPD said he is considering re-filing his case against the city.
Perry Sanders revealed the shocking news comes after it was revealed a conspiracy that reached the top of the LAPD to end the investigation into the March 9, 1997 murder “Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace.

Former FBI agent Phil Carson went on record and revealed top officers at the LAPD worked in tandem to railroad the case, over a $400 million lawsuit B.I.G.’s family was on the verge of winning against the force.

Phil Carson accused Michael Berkow, former head of the LAPD’s Professional Standards Bureau, who now runs the Coast Guard’s Intelligence Services, of ruining the case.

Carson claimed Berkow conspired to ruin his reputation, in addition to making sure the lawsuit did not succeed in court. According to Perry Sanders, he was shocked by the new information about Berkow’s involvement in obstructing the case.

> “We are digesting this stuff,” Perry Sanders said. “Obviously it’s disturbing that the behind the scene action was so intense and was designed to avoid a murder being prosecuted.

Perry Sanders said believed the new allegations by Phil Carson and the new information.

“Phil was an honest cop from all I knew. Straight shooter. I’d believe whatever he says about this. He has no reason to lie,” Perry Sanders said.

“I know that he was around. He grew up in the same neighborhood that we all grew up in,” Death Row’s head of security Reggie Wright told AllHipHop.com. “Everything that you read in the book or heard in the book ‘Murder Rap’ I believe to be true, and they name him as the shooter in the book.