Biggie Small’s Brooklyn Childhood Home Up For Rent For $4K

Notorious BIG
Notorious BIG

According to The New York Post, the very “one-room shack” Biggie once rapped about on “Juicy” is has now been renovated and it’s being rented out at a high price point.

Biggie‘s childhood home is now a three bedroom home in the gentrified neighborhood in Brooklyn that was once known as a hub for drugs. The unit he lived in is located on the third floor of 226 St. James Place. While it is a historical location in New York City, it’s not the same place that it once was. Compass broker Fabienne Lecole said, “The apartment is iconic … a historical gem.”

“It’s so calm and residential now,” Lecole said. “It’s hard to imagine it’s the same street that he sang about with all the drugs and gunfire. It couldn’t be more different.”

The home apparently still has “intricate and historic details” of when Biggie used to live their including the windows and moldings. It went up for sale in 2013 and sold for $825K.