“Biggie Smalls Brought His Death On Himself” Says Napoleon

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas

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Napoleon formerly of The Outlawz, provides insight into his thoughts that Notorious B.I.G. had caused his death upon himself after dropping “Long Kiss Goodnight” post Tupac death.

Napoleon believes Biggie Smalls‘ radio interview in Los Angeles gave the perception to listeners that he had a lack of respect and arrogance towards Tupac’s recent passing.  According to Napoleon, “west coast loved Pac, no matter what he lived in New York, but his young adult life was raised in California, Oakland, and LA,” which gave those regions a connection to the hip hop icon where “he embraced the people and the people embraced him.”

Not only did Biggie’s nonchalant attitude on air not sit well with some listeners, but his freestyle of “Long Kiss Goodnight” appeared to be a diss towards Tupac in the minds of some of the people. Napoleon made notice of Biggie’s “I Aint Mad At Ya” line which was in reference to Tupac’s classic single of him attending his own single and the music video where he portrays himself as an angel in the afterlife. The former Outlaw saw it as disrespectful because Notorious B.I.G. waited until his friend passed to put out a diss single towards him.

Napoleon just told it straight that, “He never said nothing back when Pac was alive,” and “dissing a person who is not alive,” got listeners upset and disappointed in Biggie’s reaction at the time in California which sparked the beef once again. Biggie Smalls was getting death threat calls at the radio show in response to the interview. He was told to leave Los Angeles after the interview, but Napoleon believes the New York rap icon took things for granted and didn’t realize how serious things were at the time after Tupac’s passing.

Songs such as “Going Back To Cali” by Biggie Smalls after the murder of Tupac didn’t help matters says Napoleon. The interviewer reminded Napoleon of Biggie getting booed at the “Soul Train Awards” hours before his radio interview as well which should have been another sign to the legendary hip hop artist how tense things were and took things more serious as life threatening.

Check out the interview below.