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BilionAir Carter Exclusive: LA Based Artist Talks New Music, Being Child Actor, & More

WorldWide Entertainment TV Exclusive Interview

wwetv interview

WorldWide Entertainment TV recently had an interview with LA based artist, BilionAir Carter who has teamed up with Canadian DJ and producer KYNGS to produce his new single “2Real”. He discusses the song and much more with WWETV 6ix Host Brooklyn with the following interview.

1. Your name BilionAir Carter. Is that your stage name or birth given name or both?

It’s my stage name, my birth given name is Hanif Carter. It’s spelled with one L because I don’t believe in taking two L’s and its AIR because the Only Way is always up.

2. You stated on your official website that you were a childhood actor. Could you tell us more about that experience and how it affected your transition into music?

Being a childhood actor has a lot of perks from being able to not go to school because you’re on set all week with personal tutors and all the kraft services you could dream off. Being an actor has helped me a lot because now I get to perform my own script aka lyrics and completely be BilionAir Carter. It’s helped me generate generational wealth through residuals once my spirit leaves this body my son and his children will be able to benefit from the work put it more than two decades ago. I feel like since I’ve done theatre, movies, commercials, award shows etc. it made it an easy transition. Because it’s still me being an entertainer which is a big passion of mine.

3. How did you get started in the entertainment industry?

My mother put me into acting at the age of 4 knowing I am a star. And from there I took acting classes and started perfecting my craft while becoming a SAG member.

4. Who have been your inspiration and why?

My uncle/ business partner David Howard. Because he has been an independent entrepreneur my whole life he’s also a Master barber. He tore his quad tendon in the beginning of 2018 couldn’t work anymore on his feet buckled down and didn’t fade away. Switched his whole grind up and makes money everyday in his boxers now lol. Plus I’ve learned how to operate with credit because of him. Which I’ll be able to use my knowledge to help all independent artists in every genre succeed.

5. Who are your favorite artists and why?

I’m an old soul so it ranges from the Temptations, Goapele, Lauryn Hill, Kool & The Gang, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Kirk Franklin to Gucci Mane. All these artists have helped mold me into the man I am today, that’s why I’ll never be type casted.

6. How did you end up working with a Canadian DJ and producer KYNGS being a LA based artist?

No lie I payed this influencer triple the mogul’s for his stats school. It was ten dollars a month which is nothing when you have to pay to play. And he gave me Adam Spira of Ashton Adams Music email, and I sent him over a freestyle video. From there he called me and was really feeling my vibe and look. He literally was the first person to respond to me and I’m all about loyalty. My second time going to Canada was when 2REAL was created along with 5 other songs, stay tuned.


7. Could you tell us about your single “2 Real” that was produced by KYNGS?

Adam Spira was listening to a Bryson Tiller Young Thug song and he said I can hear you killing a production like this. So KYNGS went into the lab made their own version no samples. Then I went in the booth freestyled and structured the song around the freestyle. And 2Real was born at Kyngdom Studios.

8. You have a clothing line could you describe the motto behind it?

2Real is a lifestyle! You forever have to be 2Real with yourself before anything. There isn’t any grey areas it’s only right or wrong. When you’re 2Real you’re 2Real point blank period!

9. What could music listeners expect from hearing your music?

To hear nothing but 2Realness no cap. They will be satisfied to the T, I’m making music for everyone everywhere. That’s what’s going to bring more generational wealth. I want everyone to strive for generational wealth while listening to me!

10. Where can listeners hear your music and stay updated with the latest from you?

I’m streaming on all platforms just look up BilionAir Carter.  Also follow me on instagram, tiktok, bilionair_carter Facebook BilionAir Carter. You may also go check out my website bilionaircarter.com

You can stream and download the single below!