After serving more than 20 years on a life sentence, Birdman’s half-brother Terrance “Gangsta” Williams has been released for reasons unknown according to a report by NOLA.

Williams was a prominent New Orleans street figure back in the 90s. Williams is said to have helped fund the Cash Money Record label at the time of its start-up. He also belonged to the street crew “Hot Boys” which would later be adopted by Cash Money’s iconic group that featured Lil Wayne, Turk, Juvenile, and B.G. The hip-hop group would debut in 1997.

A year after their debut, Terrance Williams pleaded guilty to engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise and solicitation for murder. Prior to his arrest, he was caught plotting to kill a group of New York drug dealers to get paid for the heroin they had shipped by mail to an associate of Williams. The feds intercepted the heroin and listened to Williams plot the murder via a wiretap.

Williams was sentenced to life plus 20 years. Last month, U.S District Judge Ivan Lemelle resentenced him to 27 and a half years. According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, he was released on Jan. 3 at the age of 47.

Williams’ attorney, Townsend Myers, confirmed the reduced sentence but has declined to comment. At the time of his release, the judge sealed all records that would explain his early release. Judges may seal records, hearings, and transcripts to obscure a defendant’s cooperation and its benefits.

Any attempts to contact Terrance Williams have been unsuccessful.