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Black History Month Flashback: Mr. Jane & Finch Interview

WorldWide Entertainment TV Exclusive

wwetv networkMR. JANE AND FINCH SPEAKS WITH WORLDWIDE ENTERTAINMENT TV: A beloved 80-year-old Guyanese-Canadian activist Winston LaRose, who has documented the Black community throughout the African Diaspora for the past 60 years throws his hat into local politics and is met with unflinching systemic racism in the Canadian political system. This film gives an insider perspective of Black community activism in Canada.

​*Winner of two Canadian Screen Awards, Donald Brittain Award for Best Social/Political Documentary and Best Writing, Documentary (2020).

Mr. Jane and Finch is an insider’s look into Toronto’s controversial 2018 municipal election.

When 80-year-old community activist Winston LaRose detects early signs of gentrification in the Jane and Finch neighbourhood, he embarks on an impassioned run to become councillor of the ward. The opening of several new subway stations nearby and a confirmed plan to build light-rail transit in the neighbourhood, in particular, cement Winston’s instinct to advocate for the community and protect its residents against displacement.

Born in Guyana in the late 1930s, LaRose grew up in the independence generation, an era when African and Caribbean countries used military and political power to overthrow colonial control. Having witnessed the arduous journeys of unforgettable political leaders including Patrice Lumumba, Walter Rodney and Kwame Nkrumah, he saw the impact their struggle had on others who were hungry for freedom and change.