Black-ish Creator Hints At More Spin-Offs

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Kenya Barris has made great contributions to the modern day world of black television. The stage was set in 2014 when he created Black-ish which boasted critical acclaim and ratings. The series, starring Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Yara Shahidi gave a new generation their version of the classic sitcoms of yesteryear such as Cosby Show, Family Matters, Good Times, and Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. He has since created the Grown-ish and Mixed-ish spinoffs. The franchise looks like it will keep growing with Barris having plans to go forward with more branding. He sat down with Deadline to discuss another “ish” spinoff and his new Netflix deal.

“We’re brewing it, yeah. It’s something I’m really super excited about,” answer Barris when questioned about another “ish” show. “Yeah, we’re brewing it, and hopefully it gets done, and adds to that world in a really special way.” Barris also believes that his deal with Netflix, where his show #blackAF is streaming, will not get in the way of his expanding “ish” universe. “Not if I stay, contractually if I stay within that world,” Barris explained, stating that as long as he keeps the “ish” universe contained to ABC he should be good. “No. It’s actually sometimes a little bit nicer to go and do network television because it’s a little bit freeing in a different kind of way because you get to tell different kinds of stories.” Do you want to see another “ish” show?

Grown-ish has turned out to be a modern version of the classic “A Different World” for the new generation.

Tracee Ellis Ross received a spin-off of her own with a television show that deals with being a racially mixed African-American child in the 1980’s.


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