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BLACK OPS! The Entertainment Plantation of 21st Century Blaxploitation


tupac kanye black panthers

The foundations of modern entertainment is very similar to the foundation of United States. African Americans have been exploited to build the world of theater with the vision of a few in power.

The use of Blackface at the turn of the 19th century saw other races using black imagery for entertainment without African Americans benefiting financially or career wise.

Powerful movements such as “The Black Panthers” from the 1960’s have been usurped in the entertainment world in the last few years. The new age of hip hop which many believe took a turn around the year 2012 has seen a surge of “Demon Time” and rise in crime in cities in North America from Chicago to Toronto.

Is the sports and entertainment industry the new plantation?  Watch Noah Of Dayz documentary entitled “Black Ops: The Trauma Continues (21st Century Blaxpoitation)”.