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‘Black Panther 2’ First Trailer & Reaction Online

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black panther

The theme song seems like a mixture of Bob Marley‘s “No Woman No Cry”(which is the soundtrack featuring Tems) and Kendrick Lamar‘s of “We gonna be alright.” It sets the tone for fans of Black Panther as we get visuals of Wakanda’s aquatic environments, futuristic technology and what appears to be a funeral with crowds of Wakandans dressed in white.

“I am Queen of the most powerful nation in the world, and my entire family is gone,” Angela Bassett’s Ramonda declares.

“We honored him by committing ourselves to the story that he started, the legacy that he started with this franchise,” Wright told Variety. “And we just committed every day to working hard, no matter what circumstances we faced — and we faced a lot of circumstances, a lot of difficult situations — but we came together as a team, and we poured everything into this movie, so I’m excited for you to see it.”

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