Black Republican Runs Campaign To Cancel Black History Month

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Black Republican Candidate Vows To Cancel Black History Month In Michigan

Republican Austin Chenge, wants to be a Michigan governor, who promises voters he will cancel Black History Month if he’s elected.

He is an army veteran who believes the country should be celebrating American history in the month of February. He took to social media to make his announcement to his followers.

“I will cancel #BlackHistoryMonth in #Michigan,” he wrote to his four thousand followers. “It’s offensive, unfair, maybe illegal… Americans from all backgrounds deserve a revered history. I’ll declare American History Month.”

He had some detractors on the statement, but there were also those who were in support.

“VERY impressed that you said this out loud!!!,” one comment reads. “Cancel pride week too. We are all Americans. None of us are better than others. All these things do is keep us divided. You have my vote!!!!!”

According to Detroit Metro Times, Chenge also supported those who were rioting in Washington’s Capitol saying they were “motivated by passion”.