Blogger Claims Jay Z Implicated in R. Kelly Case

R Kelly Jay Z
R Kelly – Jay Z

According to Unwind With Tasha K, Jay Z. allegedly has been implicated in R.Kelly’s case of pedophilia. A woman by the name of Latoya Middleton has allegedly sought attorney Gloria Alred to represent her in this potential case. Jay Z’s story is Developing. You can decide for yourselves how trustworthy this source is.

It should be noted that Tasha K is one of the bloggers that Cardi B is allegedly suing over statements she made about her life as an exotic dancer. It did come out later by Cardi’s own admission that she use to drug and rob strip club patrons after her place of work at motels. It is also alleged that Cardi B’s papers haven’t actually hit the courts about suing Tasha K.

In any case, this is an interesting scenario as Jay Z was involved in rumors concerning an underage Foxy Brown earlier this year when Nick Cannon asked Dame Dash about the early days of Roca-Fella Records. Now Tasha K, is claiming Jay Z was involved in a sexual nature with an underage girl.