Blueface Sued By Las Vegas Club Owner Over Alleged Shooting

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Blueface was arrested by police for attempted murder last year following a shooting at a nightclub in October.

Blueface faces a new lawsuit following the alleged shooting outside of a Las Vegas nightclub in October.


Police arrested and charged the rapper with attempted murder following the incident, where the victim suffered gunshot injuries. However, the alleged shooting also resulted in the closure of Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club and the owner is looking for damages.

Per 8 News Now, the club’s owner filed a lawsuit against Blueface for Euphoric’s closure. In court documents filed on Dec. 29th, his attorney wrote, “as a direct result of [Blueface’s] negligence, willful, and/or reckless conduct, the club’s licenses were revoked.”

The owner also stated he closed the club closed permanently due to Blueface’s alleged actions. Now, they’re seeking $15,000 in damages. Blueface has yet to respond to the lawsuit.

The alleged shooting victim told police that the incident came about after he joked about Blueface “speaking with some females in a cheap vehicle.” Police obtained footage that shows the victim and Blueface talking prior to the alleged shooting

Police said Blueface shot at the car that the victim was in, resulting to hand injuries.

Shortly after the rapper’s arrest, he was released from jail on $50K bond. Fans spotted him in the club with his girlfriend following his release.

The club’s owner stated that he would be taking legal action following Blueface’s release. He said he lawyered up and planned to make the rapper pay.

“We have lawyered up & make 100% sure that he either spends the rest of his life in prison, or he is going to pay us until the day he leaves this earth,” he said, revealing that provided footage to police.

Blueface pleaded not guilty to the charges. A judge set his preliminary hearing for Jan. 24th.

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