Bobby Brown Exposes Janet Jackson

& Confesses His Love

Bobby Brown has made waves with allegations in his biopic and in his biography that he had relations with the the legendary Janet Jackson.

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Janet Jackson as Penny On Good Times.

Bobby Brown has made allegations towards one of pop music’s most beloved figures in Janet Jackson. In his biopic “The Bobby Brown Story” which aired on BET, he proclaims that he had a hidden relationship with Janet Jackson in the late 1980’s. For hardcore fans of Brown this is not any breaking news as he admitted in his biography “Every Little Step” that he kicked Janet Jackson out of his hotel room over marrying Rene Elizondo over him.

Further more, Brown claims that Janet Jackson didn’t want to marry him due to her family’s issues of skin color. He believes Janet did not want to go further with him due to Joe Jackson not wanting her to have a dark skin African American boyfriend from the ghetto.


The Jackson family over the years have been accused by some members of the African American community of trying to keep up appearances of not associating themselves with certain aspects of black culture or people to remain beloved by a wider audience. The legendary family burst onto the scene in the late 1960’s when little Michael Jackson awed people around the world.


It was such an American success story that years later their life story would be told also in a mini series on ABC television in 1992. The irony of that is ABC use to air “The Jackson 5ive” cartoon in the 1970’s.

In the early 1980’s the American dream with another set of African Americans came when Bobby Brown formed “New Edition” in 1978.  We first saw Brown in the music video “Candy Girl”  after scoring a record deal when they won multiple talent contests in Boston. This was eerily similar to how The Jacksons came up in their hometown of Gary, Indiana as they too won multiple talent contests.


Michael Jackson was at the peak of his powers when the above video was made with New Edition. The music video Billie Jean and the album Thriller ran the year 1983. By 1988 though Bobby Brown would end up being a threat somewhat to the future “King Of Pop” when he dropped the album “Don’t Be Cruel”.


Bobby Brown was kicked out of the group for various reasons such as hogging the stage which fittingly his debut album “King Of Stage” was called, but it was his sophomore album where he would become the “Bad Boy Of R & B” with hit after hit. Some say the rise of Bobby Brown bringing in a hip hop edge with New Jack Swing was the reason for Michael Jackson firing Quincy Jones and hiring Teddy Riley for “Dangerous” album along with Jones wanting to take too much credit for the success of “Thriller” and “Bad”. Bobby Brown has admitted it was through Janet Jackson’s brothers inviting New Edition to their home is where he first saw Janet.

It is around these times that Bobby Brown is claiming he had a secret affair with Janet Jackson. According to “The JasmineBrand”, Bobby Brown exaggerated his relationship with Jackson.


Sources to The Jasmine Brand stated:

never had a sexual relationship and that Janet would consistently brush off Bobby’s advances.

Janet Jackson herself has not come out and flatly denied this relationship herself. It should be noted that Janet Jackson has been known to keep secrets such as her first marriage to  James Debarge in 1984 that was annulled the following year. There are also rumors that the two had a secret child together who is now a grown women somewhere out in the world. James Debarge himself was the source of the gossip.

According to Bobby Brown, while he was dating Janet Jackson she was in a relationship with her future husband Rene Elizondo which was the friction that ended their secret relationship as he blamed her for choosing a lightskin husband over a darkskin potential husband.

Janet Jackson if true about the “Jackson Rule” it sure flied in the face when she broke away from her father in the 1990’s in terms of management. She would end up being in a relationship with So So Def president Jermaine Dupri which lasted about a decade. He wanted marriage with her as well, but that was not meant to be as rumors went around that Dupri got an exotic dancer pregnant in Atlanta.


Earlier this year rumors started flying as well concerning this former couple in terms of them reconciling. As we know Jackson has returned to music and that means she has started making public appearances after being missing in action when she was married to billionaire Wissam Al Mana with child.

Bobby Brown months ago was on Steve Harvey Show in 2017 and stated how Janet Jackson broke his heart and how much he was indeed in love with her. Could it be misplaced love having him remember things differently than what occurred in reality? We do know that in the biopic Bobby Brown seems to claim that Whitney Houston was his rebound after swearing off celebrity women. They met an awards show and one of the most tumultuous relationships in Hollywood history would transpire.

The biopic described their love as real, but also strenuous with drug binges and although not portrayed in the film rumors of domestic violence. We can’t but not wonder how things would have turned out if Bobby Brown did marry Janet Jackson. Could she have tamed the “BadBoy Of R&B” or was Whitney Houston his destiny with daughter Bobbi Kristina? Brown has gone on record blaming the fall of his once skyrocketing career on his ex wife and some of that was explored on BET.

What wasn’t explored was the relationship or lack thereof between Janet and Whitney. In her documentary,  there is a segment where Whitney Houston gives Janet Jackson shade about being the new and young talent climbing the ladder.

Now this was shocking for fans as they always seemed to be cordial in public. There have been multiple photos of the two over the years.


The picture above is around the era of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation which would be about 1988. Whitney Houston had actually covered Janet’s hit song “Control” from 1986 at a “Moment Of Truth” concert tour stop in 1987.

It is quite the story of twists and turns when discussing the legacies of these icons who entertained the world from the 1960’s to even the current day as Janet Jackson has released new music with Daddy Yankee.

Bobby Brown is also going to be releasing new music and is currently on tour with some of his New Edition members Ricky Bell, Michael Bivens, and Ronnie Devoe in the group RBRM to capitalize off the success and ratings of “The Bobby Brown Story”.

Too bad we never got to see or hear a collaboration between the once in a lifetime voice of Whitney Houston and the iconic Jackson daughter Janet in their primes. It would have truly been historic.

It is also sad that we never got a collaboration between Bobby Brown who would end up being called “The King Of R&B” and “The King Of Pop” at the peak of their powers. Brown has recently admitted on The Breakfast Club that he doesn’t really consider himself that, but does think he is the “King Of Stage”.

We also never got to see New Edition team up with The Jacksons, but we did get this great send off on BET one year after Michael Jackson passed away and also on their shows live.