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Boi-1da Talks Creating “God’s Plan” With Drake

Drake’s God Plan Streaming on WWETV Network

One of the biggest hits of 2018 was definitely “God’s Plan” by Drake. The producer behind the monster hit is Toronto’s Boi-1da. He speaks about making platinum hits and more with SongwriterUniverse.


The talented producer spoke about what it was like creating “God’s Plan” with Drake:

The making of that song was an experience. It was a song that was halfway done when I came in an added some finishing touches. It was great working with one of my best friends, Drake. You know, he does what he does best, and he made a hit song… a song that everybody loves.

Boi 1nda

Samuels continued to speak on the fun he gets working with one of hip hop’s biggest stars of the last decade.

Sometimes Drake comes up with the idea first, and sometimes he’ll rap a few bars of what he has. Or he’ll have a hook or a concept for a song. So it doesn’t always start with the beat; sometimes he starts with a song first. We work in different ways.

Boi 1nda

His work goes beyond just Drake and he has captured his sixth Grammy nomination for Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical. The 32-year-old, Jamaican-born hitmaker is competing against Larry Klein, Linda Perry, Kanye West, and Pharrell Williams in that category. He helped craft Cardi B’s hit song “Be Careful”.

Cardi B Be Careful Streaming on WWETV Network

As a producer, I just like to create from a fan’s perspective… I try to do it off a feeling. When I’m doing tracks and putting songs together, it’s just off of a feeling, If I feel great about it, beyond anything musical or technical, it usually turns out to be something good and something lucrative. So it’s always about the feeling for me.