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Bonnie Godiva – Blast From The Past Exclusives

WorldWide Entertainment TV Exclusive From The Vault Series

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Bonnie Godiva is an American battle rapper from Yonkers, New York. She currently has 54 battles catalogued, which total 9,939,895 views. The hip hop artist has been featured on Nick Cannon‘s Wild ‘N Out reality series. WorldWide Entertainment TV has interviewed the battle rapper at TDotFest 2019, DT The Artist’s record release party, and in New York at Youtube Space New York studios.


During the interviews she describes her top G.O.A.T. artists and breaks them down with old school and new school. She talks about her love for cooking and how she is at home and more. She has shown her willingness to compete with different battle leagues from Queen Of The Ring (QOTR) in the United States to working with Gattas, to became the first female in King Of The Dot (KOTD). Every true fan of the culture knows that she and Math Hoffa were romantically involved in the past, but since their split, Bonnie has taken on a very different perspective of engaging in relationships with fellow Battle Rappers. Looking to the future, Bonnie doesn’t plan on becoming intimate with another man who shares her profession, and stated that she is turned off from entertainers in general.


She appeared on the 9th season of Wild ‘N Out back in 2017. The show had 16 episodes, and Godiva came in as a member of the Black Team in one episode. Her entry into the Cast list of Nick’s show was sealed through her success in the So You Wanna Wild Out. Among the 15 participants that were in for the contest, Bonnie Godiva was able to make it to the list of Finalists and even took it a notch higher. And, this was when she became the winner of the contest among other finalists. Some of the other participants are Talent A Blake, Tori Piskin, Fearless, and Natalia.