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Boosie Responds To T-Pain Saying Tupac Would Get Killed Today

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 23: Rapper Lil Boosie on the set of the music Video "Shottas" at Private Residence on September 23, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia.(Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

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T-Pain created a stir online when he made commentary about a hypothetical situation concerning  2Pac in 2022 with social media and Boosie has responded.

T-Pain stated that if Tupac Shakur were alive with the modern technology, he would not be as respected by fans due to the modern technologies afforded to platforms like TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram. He states that the rap legend would get “ate the fuck up lyrically.” This discussion took place on DJ Akademiks’ Twitch channel.“‘Pac would’ve gotten killed sooner [if social media existed] and he would’ve gotten his ass ate the fuck up lyrically,” T-Pain said, to Akademiks’ surprise.


Boosie who is known for being quite vocal on topics, took to Twitter to give his take on the comments by T-Pain. If one recalls, Boosie has respected Tupac for a long time and even released a project entitled “BooPac” in tribute to him.

Boosie took offense to T-Pain’s assumption about Tupac’s lyricism and explained why on Twitter.

2Pac was a great lyricist !! U probably wouldn’t understand him if u never been through the struggles that this world brings!! @TPAIN I disagree the lyrics n songs these days last a couple years n there gone because they don’t have meaning .The lyrics don’t touch your heart.”

He continued by asking why people like to make negative comments towards the iconic 2Pac.

I dont like when y’all shit on 2Pac. If he was living YALL wouldn’t step r talk about PAC n then death row niggas.

Boosie even referenced the single “Troublesome 96,” that included the lyrics of “N*)&^%s talk a lot a ish, but that’s after I’m gone ,cause they fear me in a physical form ,let it be known I’m troublesome”.

Boosie asked the question to his followers, “Why PAC music still hittin n yo favorite lyricist Not ?,” which received a few comments as well. Check out the reactions to Boosie below.