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Boosie Talks About Losing Friends After Losing Instagram

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Instagram is powerful tool for communication, but Boosie speaks about losing Instagram can lead to losing friends.

Boosie Badazz has been back and forth with the administration of Instagram that has repeatedly taken down his Instagram account for alleged violations. He has even talked smack to the CEO Mark Zuckerberg for what he felt was needed to show his frustrations with disconnecting him with his followers.

The incident that lead to his deletion involved a video where Boosie put out an open call for someone who would be willing to take a blow to the face for $554. The rapper apparently found a willing participant and the behind-the-scenes clip shows him open-hand slapping a man inside a store. The man was reportedly paid the agreed-upon $554 for the hit and was tipped an extra $200 by DaBaby.

Although the alarming clip was in fact a stunt, Instagram deemed the video too violent and removed it from the platform and also deleted Boosie’s account. On Twitter, Boosie revealed he made a new account with the handle @HesBackAgain2021.

He spoke with VladTV about the situation recently about how his old account has seen him lose friends.

“I got 250K followers, that’s it. I’m living like a junkie right now,” Boosie told VladTV. “F*ck wit’ me.”

“And Lil Duval said this”: when you lose your Instagram followers, you start losing your Instagram people,” he added. “You start losing friends. So, when I get my sh*t back, everybody who stopped f*ckin’ wit’ me, don’t come back.”

It’s not all bad news for Boosie, he explained that he has a movie coming out at the end of the summer, three albums dropping this summer, Boosie Bash in August, and new music arriving on Christmas. He also asked fans to support his products: Rap Snacks noodles, perfume, and alkaline water.

“Sometimes the world is so hooked on other sh*t they don’t support the people who I would say, not deserve it, but put you in they world,” he said. “If you look at Boosie every day and he brings you peace or joy, you shouldn’t be wearing Polo cologne. You shouldn’t be eating Funyuns. But that’s how I feel as a person. I might be wrong.”

Check out the clip from Boosie’s interview below.