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Boosie Talks About Social Media Ruining Hip Hop & Society



(VIA VLADTV) Boosie shares his thoughts on DDG‘s comments about old school rappers such as 2Pac and Biggie. To that, Boosie explains why he prefers the way the rap game used to be before social media because it was more about talent and less about the person that you are behind the scenes.

Boosie addresses Too $hort’s criticism of older rappers who hate on the younger generation of rappers because of their lack of lyricism. To that, Boosie agrees, stating that usually when an old rapper hates, it’s because “they ain’t got no sauce.” The Baton Rouge native goes on to explain why he loves the younger generation of rappers so much. As the conversation reaches its conclusion, the “Wipe Me Down” rapper shares with DJ Vlad that he used to have the same problem in the streets, when he was coming up, beefing with older guys in his neighborhood.