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Bounty Killer Points To Bob Marley Shooting As Violence In Jamaica Before Dancehall

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On December 3, 1976, two days before a highly publicized concert, Bob Marley was attacked as he rehearsed at his home at 56 Hope Road by two carloads of armed gunmen.

It was speculated that the hit was a political move and Bounty Killer is referring to the moment as an example of violence being in the community long before dancehall. Bounty Killer is in defense of his genre of music after last month the Prime Minister of Jamaica declared the following belief that the music scene is helping to increase the violence on the Island.

“There is a very sensitive topic which I will never resile from and which I have always raised, that whilst I am the biggest supporter of our music, our culture and I listen to Dancehall music – and I don’t apologise for it – I’ve always formed the view that the music could be so much more if it were less violent, less glorifying of violence,” the Prime Minister said.

“And my job is to reflect to the country the uncomfortable truths sometimes. I don’t believe in isolating culture. I don’t believe in leaving our deejays and our artistes on the periphery and not engage them,” Holness, who is also the Member of Parliament for St. Andrew said.

“More than any other Prime Minister, I have sought to lean forward and engage our Dancehall artists, even those who make songs that are violent. Because in a sense I understand the genre; I understand the culture,” Holness explained.

“But you would have to interpret my posture as saying: ‘listen guys; we have a responsibility and a duty, so even though it sounds good, and we are going to go to the party and dance to it and call forward for it again, at some point we have to realize that what we may be doing, is glorifying; that what we may be doing, is legitimizing violence,” he added.

Bounty Killer disagrees fully and points to the legendary Bob Marley’s “political influence on the ppl” caused violent on the “One Love” iconic singer.

“How did the great legendary Bob Marley got shot in the mid 70s,” Bounty Killer asked in his Instagram caption. “Was it bcuz of musical or political influence on the ppl???”

Speaking on On Stage with Winford Williams in 2009, the ‘poor people’ advocate asked, “When since ah dancehall ah do nuttn? Inna 1980 ah dancehall artist did ah do it? Ah di political indifference an di tribal an di turf war weh dem teach di people dem,” he said, lashing out in his usual manner on the systemic failures long attributed to politicians.

He added that a “combination of things” — guns, drugs, illiteracy, unemployment and poverty — were at the root of Jamaica’s social dilemma. This grim state of affairs he says is perpetuated by the “selfsh people dem weh rich an nuh give weh nuttn an nuh help nobody.”

Do you agree with the legendary dancehall artist???