Bow Wow Arrested for Battery on Kiyomi Leslie


Bow Wow is one of the most successful teenager hip hop acts of all-time. He’s always had women swooning to meet him especially in his hey day, but now it seems he has encountered some issues in Atlanta over SuperBowl Weekend.

TMZ reports there was some sort of dispute between Bow Wow and the woman at 4:15 AM Saturday. Police claim when they arrived at the scene the woman accused Bow Wow of assaulting her. Shad Moss disagreed with her claim. 

Police identified the woman as Leslie Holden, but later revealed as Kiyomi Leslie. We cannot find any relationship between her and Bow Wow. Apparently the two rekindled their relationship recently but were keeping things on the low. Early this morning the rep said Kiyomi was upset that Bow Wow was going to #SuperBowl related events without her, which is when she allegedly picked up a lamp and bashed his face.

Cops couldn’t figure out which one was the true aggressor, so they arrested both and charged them with misdemeanor battery.

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