Bow Wow Roasts Angela Simmons on Growing Up Hip Hop


diva vixens

Bow Wow and Angela Simmons were once considered to be possible hip hop power couple, but they have made it be known that they are in fact just really good friends. Their bond comes from being in the spotlight as child stars.

Right now they’re both starring on Growing Up Hip Hop and, on a recent episode, Simmons found herself at Bow Wow’s house. The security system went off and Bow Wow jokingly stated her butt caused the alert literally.

“Hey! Stop knocking like you’re the damn feds,” called out the rapper before explaining that she set off his house alarm. “You know why that’s going off? That ass. That ass set that shit off. That’s how powerful your ass is.”

You can check out the episode tonight and also the two took to instagram to talk about the funny incident below.

“Hey hey what can i say [peach emoji],” he commented.